We engaged Michael and Lifeline to address our first aid training needs. Having completed a number of courses previously with other providers, Michael was keen to understand exactly what we needed at JE, so the course could be tailored specifically. This was done fantastically well, with both the 3- and 1-day programmes covering very practical exercises that were highly relevant to participants. Feedback was excellent from all participants, who particularly enjoyed the highly interactive and hands-on nature of the training.

Michael is a great trainer who takes the time to understand participants’ requirements, making everyone feel safe and able to take part in the exercises. He runs the course extremely well and is very engaging – a clearly experienced practitioner, bringing in personal history to add colour and real-life experience. All participants left feeling enthused and ready to deal with any situation that may occur for us at JE.

Dave Crossland – Head of Organisational Development, Jersey Electricity

With an increasing focus on employee health and wellness, Kingsman recognises the importance of proactive measures to ensure the well-being of our team, which is why we use Lifeline for all of our mental health and first aid training for our staff. Their professionalism and expert knowledge is second to none, and their engaging and dynamic training ensures our staff are engaged and really enjoy their sessions. Lifeline also arranged and installed defibrillators across all three of our business centres and their service was seamless. Thank you to Michael and his team for all that you do for Kingsman Executive Offices.

Matt Mackenzie, Managing Director, Kingsman Executive Office Suites

What sets Lifeline Training apart is its emphasis on building practical skills that can be applied in real-life scenarios. Through interactive workshops, role-playing exercises, and case studies, participants gain hands-on experience in navigating challenging situations with confidence and compassion. Additionally, the program incorporates real-life case studies and scenarios, allowing participants to apply their learning in relevant contexts.

Claire Reynard – Group HR Manager – Seymour Hotels

We thoroughly enjoyed the training session that Lifeline Training delivered to our team. It was not only informative and engaging but also very encouraging. The content was well presented, and truly valuable in enhancing our understanding of mental health issues.

Petra Le Brocq – HR Officer, Jersey Cheshire Homes

Feedback from participants speaks volumes about the impact of Lifeline Training. Many report feeling more equipped to recognise warning signs of mental distress, offer support to colleagues in crisis, and access resources for further assistance. Moreover, there is a noticeable ripple effect within organisations that have undergone Lifeline Training, with increased awareness and empathy leading to a more cohesive and resilient workforce.

Claire Reynard – Group HR Manager – Seymour Hotels

We are very satisfied with Lifeline training, who have trained our staff in Mental Health First Aid, Fire Safety & Supervising First Aid. Colleagues have commented on how interactive and professional all training session were, whilst being in a friendly and informal environment. We look forward in continuing our relationship with Lifeline.

Ry Williams, HR Manager – Walkers Global