Welcome to Lifeline Training

Lifeline Training Limited is a company founded upon a commitment to developing a holistic approach to welfare within an organisational context. The concept behind our name ‘Lifeline Training’ conceives upon an upheld belief and vision of maintaining and enhancing safety and quality of life by helping to expand understanding of a wide range of welfare topics and educate across all organisational levels and stakeholders.

Mental Health First Aid

Learn how to supervise someone at a potential crisis point in their life with the crucial information you will learn regarding communication methods, signposting importance, and mental illnesses/disorders.

Health & Safety

Learn the importance of Health & Safety and the regulations and procedures intended to prevent accidents or injury in workplaces or public environments. Learn how to implement change and make your workplace a safe working environment.


Learn how you can protect children, young people, and vulnerable adults from harm, abuse and neglect; to ensure they live a safe and enjoyable life.

Advanced First Aid & Administration

Learn how to give oxygen and intramuscular medication to save lives to those most vulnerable. You can also learn how to use airway devices, haemostats, and tourniquets to save the lives of those in need.

Mini Medics & Student First Aid

These courses enable children and adolescents to understand Mental Health First Aid and First Aid. Students will find these courses enjoyable, knowledgable, exciting, and learn lifesaving skills to better their future.