A Holistic Approach

Lifeline Training Limited is a company founded upon a commitment to developing a holistic approach to welfare within an organisational context. The concept behind our name ‘Lifeline Training’ conceives upon an upheld belief and vision of maintaining and enhancing safety and quality of life by helping to expand understanding of a wide range of welfare topics and educate across all organisational levels and stakeholders.

A Commitment to Welfare

Ensuring a commitment to corporate welfare is a priority in preventing incidents/safety risks by providing each member of an organisation with the appropriate skills and training; to be confident in managing and responding effectively and efficiently to unfolding or abrupt conflicts and breaches to safety (either their own or of others).

Our courses will enable students to learn the correct ways to stop themselves from falling off the line of life or save someone who may be falling off themselves.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where essential training is affordable and memorable for enhancing commitment to the welfare of all stakeholders of both workplaces & services. Lifeline Training offers to make a positive difference in the lives of all individuals.

We strive to make our courses enjoyable, academic, and practical.

Empowerment through Training

We deliver high-quality training to individuals who promote corporate welfare efficiency and provide the highest standard service quality courses. We will always take care of our students and make accommodating changes to the learning deliverables, where appropriate and reasonably practicable, to afford all individuals’ varying learning styles and needs.

We are here to empower you to succeed. We will monitor progress and provide personalised feedback to aid each student’s development throughout the course duration.

Who We’ve Worked With