Hotel La Place & Country Cottages Acquires Defibrillator for Public Use in Jersey CI

Hotel La Place & Country Cottages has taken a significant step towards enhancing public safety by acquiring their own defibrillator, now accessible for public use in Jersey, Channel Islands. The CEO of Lifeline Group, Michael Kirkwood, recently met with the Managing Director of La Place Hotel & Country Cottages, Ola Aleksandra Przyjemska, to deliver the brand new defibrillator and sign over a 10-year warranty.

This initiative serves as a commendable effort by Hotel La Place & Country Cottages to prioritize the well-being of the community. The provision of a defibrillator can potentially save lives in emergency situations, showcasing the hotel’s commitment to ensuring the safety and health of residents and visitors alike.

As we approach the festive season, Hotel La Place & Country Cottages extends warm wishes for a safe and joyful Christmas to all. This thoughtful gesture underscores the importance of community care and preparedness in times of need.